Venus Lux Fantasies 7: Naughty Girls

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Cast: Venus Lux, Alura Jensen, Charity Bangs, Sheena Ryder, Bobbi Dylan, Rob "The Advantage" Yeager

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Alura Jensen is a busty blonde bombshell that loves to fuck and she can't wait to her hands and mouth on Venus. Venus gets her pussy wet while driving her hard cock deep down Alura's throat. After driving her to orgasm, Venus fucks her juicy snatch six ways to Sunday before she shoots her cum all over her phat ass. 

Charity Bangs is a hot little slut who loves to experiment, and loves being dominated by a hot tranny. She gets down on all fours moaning loudly as Venus slides her big dick in and out of her dripping wet hole. She gets down on her knees like a good little slut and eats Venus' cum load right from the tap!

This luscious slut is Sheena Ryder, a big booty bitch with a love of hard cock!

Venus Lux calls up a couple of friends to add to her pleasure; Bobbi Dylan brings the pussy and Rob "The Advantage" Yeager adds an additional cock to the fun. As the "thrupple" suck and finger, the theme seems to be wet and sloppy. Venus parks her pecker in Bobbi's pussy as Rob gets the front half of this lucky girl. Some repositioning then has Rob working his cock over Venus' luscious ass; what a vessel for Bobbi to drink from. Dripping down his load, Rob's copious copulation is swallowed, but it only serves to makes Bobbi even more hungry; time to have Venus seal the deal and coat Bobbi's throat.