Venus Lux Fantasies 5: Stretching Manholes

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DVD - Running Time: 1:30

Cast: Venus Lux, Mark Frenchie, Spencer Foxx, James Dickson, Chad Diamond

Release Date: Dec 18 2017

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Venus let's her bound slave have some pleasure, sucking his cock before giving him a good throat fucking. She then slides her cock deep into his tight ass driving it hard, pounding her sex toy into submission. Venus fucks him until he shoots his load, and then she shoots her cum into his mouth for him to swallow.

Venus gives James some hands on advice on a girl he likes, rubbing his arms and crotch. Getting turned on, she begins to suck his dick. James helps her out of her outfit and sucks her hard cock. Venus fucks him in the ass while stroking his throbbing cock until they both shoot their hot sticky load.

Venus man loves Asian  girl as much as he loves big cock. Venus loves to fuck guys, but it's no secret that she wants big dick deep in her butt hole, as well. They plow each others holes then bust their nuts all over each other, collapsing in a sweaty jizz filled pile.

Chad is suffering from a sore back and an aching cock. Fortunately for him Venus is skilled with both. Venus strips naked, and gives him a sensual massage, followed up with her sucking his cock. She then fucks him deep in his ass until she explodes her sticky cum all over his face!