Venus Lux Fantasies 4: Asian Assholes, Raw Big Dick

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Cast: Venus Lux, John Magnum, Robbie Kings, Will Parks, and Jonah Marx

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Venus is home alone with her boyfriend when he suggests a little play time before her parents get home. He's desperate for some pussy and convinces her to suck his big dick. Venus gets on her knees and swallows him whole, then gets down on all fours so he can abuse her tight ass. She rides him like a horse, and takes a fat load of cum in her stretched out shit hole!

Venus was taking a little nap when this guys sneaks into her place and starts fondling her and sucking her sleeping cock. Venus wakes up as he jams his cock down her throat, then bends her over, sliding his cock into her ass. As he continues to pound her ass, Venus starts getting into it, jerking her cock until she explodes. Afterward, the guys scoops up her cum and eats it.

Venus is at it again in another sexy shoot with John Magnum. Venus starts by seductively kissing him on the bed, then spreads her ass cheeks as he plows his big dick into her tight hole. John puts her down on all fours like a dog then stretches her out, ending with him dumping his load all over her dripping ass hole!

Desperate for a job, Venus decides to go see Will, who just happens to have a position open. He is unsure of her qualifications, but Venus says she will do anything. Will, being the kind of guy that holds a girl to her word, tells Venus to get down on her knees and sucks his hard cock. Afterward, Will slides his hard dick deep in Venus' ass, and drains his balls all over her butt hole!